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By far the most popular and successful rock group of the 1990’s, Pearl Jam is synonymous with the “grunge” movement, an army of west coast rockers who rose to fame in the early years during that prodigious decade. Really a popularized and commercialized outgrowth of punk, these bands—with Pearl Jam at the helm of the proverbial ship of celebrity—blasted through the collective pop consciousness of the world with a lyrical sophistication, confessional honesty and angst-ridden disgust with post-modern indifference that left the major labels in shock, accustomed as they were to the nihilistic hedonism of 80’s machismo and uncertain how to treat these powerful newcomers. As time passes, the entire cannon of alternative has been effectively assimilated into the gospel of “classic rock” and given the full legitimacy of a divinized subgenre, no longer a threatening or radical departure from the norm but an accepted part of our pop-culture’s history. In fact, many view this era in music as a stain on the uncompromising militancy of the punk aesthetic, and identify Pearl Jam as the champion of the sell-out and their chief cultural enemy. Listening past the dogma, an attentive study of Pearl Jam’s legacy leaves no doubt that they continue to stand as one of the greatest rock outfits of the decade, a breathtaking feat of major label music weighted in a total artistic transparency and the emotionally-charged eloquence of Eddie Vedder’s brilliant mind and cathartic performance. Militants of the real in their own right, Pearl Jam were determined to bring the artistic sincerity of their roots into the mainstream and absolutely refused to compromise their basic autonomy in the creation of song and sound. After the systematic denunciations of “alternative” fade away and the true substance of that important era is visible, Pearl Jam cannot be denied, written off or ignored; to the contrary, their music continues to sound more and more remarkable for it’s time or ours, a project of concentrated and intense creative output that saw the band explode over three years of furious activity, a legacy that continues to this day. During and since this whirlwind of musical creation and lyrical depth, Vedder and his team have left dozens of masterworks in their continuing wake, songs of thematic strength, social perceptivity and searing emotional exploration that remain objectively undeniable staples of modern pop rock music.

Compiled by Paul Nickerson, Francis Englehardt & EVAN HECHT for Slow To Speak / S.F.C.

Side A. 
1.   Black
Side B.   
1.   Indifference
2.  Crazy Mary
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Year Format
2008 12"
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