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The Good Room. Brooklyn, NY.

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Saturday June 6th

3PM until 9PM

Preserved Instincts. Oak Hill, NY.

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dope jams brought to you by 'slow to speak'

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FINALLY BACK IN STOCK!!! 'slow to speak' are at it again with a second installment of unlikely and obscure a capella DJ mixing tools. Carefully preserved in phonograph format (and preserving the phonograph format), this assortment of quotations, media clips, poems, interviews and monologues are more than ambient fodder. They are secret messages for the dancefloor. A mechanism for dialogue between DJ and dancer. Mix 'em in... "and then they will hate you, and their hatred will be perfect." To paraphrase the ramblings of a madman, "It is not the job of DJ's to give the dancers what the dancers want. If the dancers knew what they needed, then they would not be the dancers. They would be the DJ's."


Side A.  
1. This Recording Is Unnecessary  
2. Manson Klan - This Is Us
3. Cornel West - On Your Own Terms  
4. Terre Thaemlitz - Walking Away  
5. Cirque Du Soleil - Give Your Soul To Touch Their Hearts  
6. Basquiat - Fame
7. Chick Passed Out & I Pissed In Her Face  
8. Lucifer, Son Of The Morning
9. Lucifer's Corruption  
10. Beethoven - Artist  
11. Bill Withers - Mediocrity
12. Guy Kawasaki - Coasting  
13. Henry Rollins - House Music  
14. Bill Maher - House Music  
15. Terre Thaemlitz - Romanticization
16. A Softening  
17. Likely I Was Smoking Pot  
18. We Didn't Mess Around With Any Hard Drugs
19. LSD's Children  
20. No!  
21. The Pool  
22. Jack White - Repetition
23. Philippe Petite - Why?  
24. Wanting People To Listen
25. Bill Maher - Suicide  
26. The Feeble Minded  
27. David Lynch - Ideas
28. Noam Chomsky - Control of Opinion  
29. Bukowski - The Genius Of The Crowd  
30. One Awful Man
31. Life Was Unalterably Changing  
32. The Unforeseen  
33. The End Of The World
34. Nucleaur Weapons  
35. Is Hope Possible?  
36. Cha-Ching  
37. Bill Withers - Sold Out
38. The Cost Of Everything, The Value Of Nothing  
39. Rad - Take What You Can Get  
40. Bukowski - You Have My Soul & I Have Your Money
41. Ed Norton - Fuck This City  
42. The Red Queen - Idiot!  
43. Everything Seems So Mediocre  
44. Jack White - Totally Organic!
45. The Trees Seem Sad  
46. Take A Shit On That Guys Doorstep
47. It's So Wrong That It's Right  
48. Hubert Selby Jr. - Here's The Problem  
49. Neil Young - You Go Up & You Go Down  
50. Kenny Shopsin - You're Not That Great
51. Bernie Worrell - That's The Price Of Being Free  
52. Magick Ritual  
53. Charles Manson - The Truth  
54. Only Way To Not Know Is To Not Wanna Know  
55. Get Married, Have Kids  
56. Patti Smith - I Don't Fuck Much With The Past
57. We Are What You Made Us  
58. As We Are Not As We Would Like To Imagine We Are
59. Caught Between The Past & The Future  
60. Objectivity Is A Lie  
Side B.  
1. Oh, Hello
2. Fuck You  
3. I Champion The Weak
4. Original Sin  
5. Cornell West - To Thy Own Self Be True  
6. Generosity Of His Genius  
7. Willie Wonka - Candy Doesn't Have To Have A Point
8. Children Denied Nothing  
9. Maurice Sendak - Children  
10. Saul Williams - Children Of The Night  
11. Mandrill - Universal Rhythms  
12. Yaya - Glass Houses  
13. Bjork - Look On The Outside As I Feel On The Inside  
14. Anna Wintour - No Looking Back
15. Jack White - Technology, A Disease You Have To Fight  
16. Neil Young - Forward  
17. Don't Apologize
18. Door Of Glass Pain  
19. Nothing To Do With Holding Hands  
20. Alan Moore - Magick  
21. Jack White - I'm Always Worried About Being Satisfied  
22. We're Not Going To Avoid Complexity  
23. Neil Young - Something To Avoid Repeating  
24. Jim Morrison - How Many Of You People Know You're Really Alive  
25. Grief + Nothing = You Know You're Alive When Your Sad
26. The Fate Of Innovation  
27. Bukowski - Pain Without Reason  
28. Nothing Was Ever Accomplished With Tears
29. Quit Crying, Start Trying!  
30. Bukowski - Drink, Write & Fuck  
31. Fucking
32. Women Sense Power, They Seek The Life Essence  
33. Gold Tooth In God's Crooked Smile  
34. Jesus Christ Died With A Hardon  
35. Bill Maher - Doubt is Humble
36. Die In An Evil Place  
37. In My Mind I Am Somewhere Else  
38. Sanity  
39. In A Different Space
40. Miles Davis - Balance  
41. You've Seen The Pattern  
42. Jack White - This Whole New World Has Opened Up In Front Of Me
43. Off Your Head  
44. Who If I Cried Out?  
45. Jim Morrison - Spy In The House Of Love
46. Isiah Zagar - Love  
47. The World Is Beautiful
48. Bitch!  
49. Bernie Worrell  
50. Young & Jerkin' Off  
51. Nick Hallstrom - Lonely
52. God Hates Fags  
53. Virgins Fucked Right Away
54. Molly Cantor - Anal Sex  
Artist Title  
Label Cat.#  
Year Format  
2011 LP  
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